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We are a Japanese couple who 2 years ago, went to El Paso Texas to visit a friend. When we were there our friends mother taught us how to cook Tex Mex Cuisine. Loving the food and the secrets passed onto us from our good friend's mother, we decided to open a Texmex restaurant in our Home Town Takayama.

We cook everything from Burgers to Burritos!


Tsuyoshi Fuji



Tsuyoshi started out as a Truck Driver and then worked for Mooneyes Car company. Always a fan of American culture and style learned the ways of Texmex Cuisine and opened EvilTex. 

Yukari Fuji



Yukari worked in a Home Reform company and met Tsuyoshi while she was living in Takayama. After getting married they both went to America to learn the ways of TexMex.

Miho San


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